2 DGFI Investigators Receive 2020 Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowships

| 05 Aug 2020

We're proud that out of 10 Future Fellowships awarded to UNSW by the Australian Research Council (ARC), 2 are valued Founding DGFI Investigators. Dr Ke Meng and A/Prof Neeraj Sharma of the Schools of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications and UNSW Science respectively.

Dr Ke Meng, UNSW Engineering, has received $888,770 for ‘Stability assessment of Australia’s future electrical grids’. The findings of this project will be crucial to the energy transition to renewables.

Associate Professor Neeraj Sharma, UNSW Science, has received $919,404 for ‘Electrochemically activated solid state chemistry: a new synthetic avenue’. This project will help in the development of new synthetic materials with diverse applications and functions.

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