Our people are the true heart of UNSW Digital Grid Futures Institute, driving real-world change. Under the leadership of Director, John Fletcher, and Manager, Sharon Swift, the institute collaborates with a wide network of people, building bridges across all faculties and sectors of society.

Institute leadership


Professor of Energy Systems and a leading electrical engineer, John uses his expertise to unite academia and private industry in solving the missing link in the shift to renewables: a digitised energy grid. Seeing huge potential in this global switch, John is working to ensure local researchers, businesses and future generations don’t miss out on the great opportunities it brings.

Manager, UNSW Digital Grid Futures Institute

With a decades-long, global career in business, operations and entrepreneurship, Sharon’s superpower lies in building partnerships between academia, private industry and the general public, resulting in real-world impact. She connects and empowers everyone from young school children to seasoned academics and industry leaders, in the push to enable decarbonisation.